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Weizman, Ezer

Born: 1924 AD
Died: 2005 AD
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1924 – Born in Tel Aviv, Palestine on the 15th of June.

1942 – He received his training in the British Army in which he enlisted in order to fight the Nazis.

1944 – He served with the RAF in India.

         – He was a member of the Irgun, also known as Etzel underground in Mandatory Palestine.

1946 – He studied aeronautics in England.

1948 – In the Israeli War of Independence, he served as a pilot for the Haganah, and is acknowledged as being the "father" of the development of the Israeli Air Force.

         – In May, he learned to fly Avia S-199 airplanes to bolster the fledging air corps.

1949 – In a famous battle between Israeli and British RAF aircraft on the 7th of January, he was in a group of four Israeli Spitfire fighters, which clashed with 14 British Spitfires and Tempests, after an earlier reconnaissance flight of British Spitfires had infringed on Israel’s southern border, resulting in three being shot down by the IAF.

1951 – He attended the RAF Command and Staff College in England.

1958 – He served as the commander of the Israeli Air Force and later served as deputy Chief of the General Staff.

1966 – He became the IDF’s Deputy Chief of Staff.

1967 – Major General Weizman earned high credit for his contribution as the Chief of Operations of the IDF in Israel’s overwhelming victory over Arab forces during the Six-Day War of June.

1969 – He retired from military service when he understood he would not be appointed as Chief of Staff, the highest military position.

1970 – He joined the right-wing Gahal and served as Minister of Transportation in Levi Eshkol’s national unity government until Gahal left the coalition.

1972 – He left the party.

1976 – Served as Defence Minister in Menachem Begin’s government.

1980 – In May, he quit the government.

         – Weizman turned to business.

1984 – He established a new party, Yachad, which won 3 seats in the elections.

1986 – In October, Yachad merged into the Alignment after Mapam and Yossi Sarid left it.

1992 – The Alignment became the Israeli Labour Party.

1999 – The newspapers published allegations that Weizman received large amounts of money from businessmen, without reporting it to the proper authorities.

2005 – Died of Respiratory failure at the age of 80, on the 24th of April, in Caesarea after the ending of Passover night, in his home.

2.6 (51.43%) 7 votes