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Walker, Robert John

Born: 1801 AD
Died: 1869 AD

1801 – Born on the 23rd of July at Northumberland, Pennsylvania U.S.A.

1819 – He graduated at the University of Pennsylvania.

1836 – He was part of the United States Senate as a Unionist Democrat. 

1837 – He was voted for the recognition of the Republic of Texas.

1845 – He was the U.S. Secretary of Treasury.

1849 – He was generally recognized as the most influential member of the President’s Cabinet.

        – He left as a Secretary of Treasury.

1857 – He was appointed governor of Kansas Territory

        – He resigned as a governor of Kansas Territory (November).

1863 – He supported the Union during the American Civil War.

1864 – He practiced law in Washington D.C.   

1869 – Died at the age of 68 at Washington D.C.