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Walker, Edward Craven (Michael Keatering)

Born: 1918 AD
Died: 2000 AD, at 82 years of age.

Nationality: Unknown
Categories: Businessmen, Inventor


1918 - Born on the 4th of July in Singapore.

         - Craven served as a pilot in World War II, flying DeHavilland Mosquito over Germany to take photographs of enemy positions, each time he is flying into enemy territory in an unarmed plane.

         - He met his first wife, Marjorie Bevan Jones during the war at an Air Force base.

1948 - Walker, while visiting a pub, sees a contraption built by a Mr. Dunnett who had passed away. Inspired by the contraption, Walker begins a 15 year quest to make the first liquid motion lamp.

1960 - He became a pioneer in the early genre of nude films. Craven directed the landmark naturist film Traveling Light under the pseudonym Michael Keatering which was released this year.

1961 - He later produced Sunswept.

1963 - He also produced Eves on Skis. Crestworth Ltd.(Walker's UK company) begins production of the Astro Light.

1965 - Adolph Wertheimer and Hy Spector, secure US rights from Walker's company Crestworth.

1965 - Lava Manufacturing Corporation formed in U.S. to sell the renamed Lava Lite.

1973 - Wertheimer and Spector sold the business to Lava-Simplex Corporation.

1976 - Haggerty Enterprises cleverly purchased the U.S. operation from Lava-Simplex.

1995 - Young entrepreneur Cressida Granger bought Crestworth Ltd., and renamed it Mathmos.

1995 - Haggerty Enterprises created the division Lava World International.

199_ - Towards the end of the 1990's, Cravens health began to worsen.

2000 - He died on the 15th of August at Matchams in Ringwood, Hampshire, England from cancer. He was 82 years old. He kept the specific chemical mixture used in Astro lamps a secret in his entire life. He took the formula with him to his grave.


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