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Wagner von Jauregg, Julius

Born: 1857 AD
Died: 1940 AD
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1857 – Born March 7th in Wels, Austria.


1880 – He obtained a doctor’s degree from Vienna University.


1887 – He worked with Maximilian Leidesdorf (head of the department of mental illnesses of the

Vienna General Hospital)

– He investigated the effects of febrile diseases on phychoses making use of erisipela and tuberculin.


1893 – He was hailed Extraordinary Professor of Psychiatry and Nervous Diseases.

– He became Director of the Clinic for Psychiatry and Nervous Diseases in Vienna.


1902 – He moved to the psychiatric clinic at the Vienna General Hospital.


1917 – He tried the vaccination of malaria parasites, which proved to be very successful in the case of

dementia paralytica(also called general paresis of the insane), caused by neurosyphilis.


1927 – He earned the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1927. 1928 – Retired from his profession but remained in good health.


1940 – He died 27th of September at the age of 83.

2.7 (53.33%) 18 votes