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Vigilius (Pope Vigilius)

Born: 4XX AD
Died: 555 AD.

Nationality: Unknown
Categories: Popes


         - Born in Rome, Italy

531 BC - Vigilius entered the service of the Roman Church and was ordained a deacon.

535 BC - Pope Agapetus I, appointed Vigilius papal representative at Constantinople; Vigilius thus came to the Eastern capital.

536 BC - Vigilius is said to have agreed to the plans of the intriguing empress who promised him the Papal See and a large sum of money . After Agapetus's death on 22nd of April.

537 BC - Vigilius was elected pope in place of Silverius and was consecrated and enthroned on the 29th of March.

540 BC -  Vigilius felt himself obliged to take a stand in regard to Monophysitism which he did in two letters sent to Constantinople.

538 BC - On the 6th of March, he wrote to Bishop Caesarius of Arles concerning the penance of the Austrasian King Theodobert on account of his marriage with his brother's widow.

         - On the 29th of June, a decretal was sent to Bishop Profuturus of Braga containing decisions on various questions of church discipline.

543 BC - Emperor Justinian issued a decree which condemned the various heresies of Origen; this decree was sent for signature both to the Oriental patriarchs and to Vigilius.

543 BC - 544 BC - He issued a new edict condemning the Three Chapters.

545 BC - The pope probably left Rome on the 22nd of  November.

546 BC - 547 BC - He remained for a long time in Sicily, and reached Constantinople about in January.

553 BC - 554 BCVigilius acknowledged in a letter of 8th December, to the Patriarch Eutychius the decisions of the Second Council of Constantinople and declared his judgment in detail in a Constitution of 26th  February.

555 - Died in Syracuse, Italy.


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