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Victoria, Tomas Luis de

Born: 1548 AD
Died: 1611 AD
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1548 – Tomás Luis de Victoria was born in Ávila.

1575 – Ordained as a priest, at the monastery as maestro di cappella.

1586 – Returned to Spain, this time in the service of Empress Maria, who was entering the convent of Descalzas Reales in Madrid.

1605 – Published his writing the title Officium Defunctorum, sex vocibus, in obitu et obsequiis sacrae imperatricis, one of his finest, most beautiful, and most refined works is the great Requiem Mass.

1603 – Wrote for the funeral of Empress Maria, who had been his employer since 1586, and who was the sister of Philip II and wife of Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor.

Notable for the serene emotion of every one of the 37 pieces that form his Officium Hebdomadae Sanctae.
1611 – Victoria died 20th of August.

3 (60%) 9 votes