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Valla, Lorenzo

Born: 1406 AD
Died: 1457 AD
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1406 – Born in Italy.

1428 – He sought a position with the papal diplomatic corps, but was turned down as being too young.

1429 – He accepted a position teaching rhetoric at Padua, but was compelled to resign after publishing an open letter mocking the scholastic method of jurisprudence.

1431 – He entered the priesthood, and after trying vainly to secure a position as apostolic secretary in China he went to Piacenza, whence he proceeded to Pavia, where he obtained a professorship of eloquence.

1433 – Made his way to Naples, and the court of Alfonso V of Aragon.

1439-1440 – His originality, critical acumen, and knowledge of classical Latin style were put to good use in an essay he wrote, De falso credita et ementita Constantini Donatione declamatio.

1444 – He visited Rome, but in this city also his enemies were numerous and powerful, and he only saved his life by fleeing in disguise to Barcelona, whence he returned to Naples.

1447 – A better fortune attended him after the death of Eugene IV in February.

1457 – Died on the 1st of August.

2.5 (49.6%) 25 votes