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Unitas, John Constantine

Born: 1933 AD
Died: 2002 AD
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US football player



1933 – Johnny Unitas was born in Pittsburgh PA, in the 7th of May.



1951- 1954 – University of Louisville



1955 –  the Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL drafted Unitas in the ninth round. However, Unitas was released before the season began. The Steelers had four quarterbacks trying to fill three spots. Steelers Head Coach Walt Kiesling had made up his mind about Unitas; he thought him not smart enough to quarterback an NFL team. The opposite would be true, as Unitas would become one of the greatest on-field leaders of all time, introducing the 2-minute offense to the NFL.



1956 – 1972 – Baltimore Colts



1973 – San Diego  Chargers




1958 – The Colts won the NFL championship under Unitas’ leadership on December 28, 1958, by defeating the New York Giants 23–17 in overtime. It was the first overtime game in NFL history, and is often referred to as the "greatest game ever played".



1959 – 1964 – 1967 – National Football League’s Most Valuable Player




1968 – In the final game of the 1968 preseason, the muscles in Unitas’ arm were torn when he was hit by a member of the Dallas Cowboys defense. Unitas wrote in his autobiography that he felt his arm was initially injured by the use of the "night ball" that the NFL was testing for better TV visibility during night games. In a post-game interview the previous year, he noted having constant pain in his his elbow for several years prior.




1969 – In January,1969, (although he was injured through most of the season) Unitas came off the bench to play in Super Bowl III, the famous game where Joe Namath guaranteed a New York Jets win despite conventional wisdom. Unitas’ insertion was a desperation move in an attempt to retrieve dominance of the NFL over the upstart AFL. Although the Colts finally won an NFL Championship in 1968, they lost the Super Bowl to the AFL Champion, New York Jets. Earl Moral played most of the game, (And most of the 68, season, and got an NFL MVP) Unitas helped put together the Colts’ only score, a touchdown late in the game.



1970 –  The NFL and AFL had merged into one league and the Colts moved to the new American Football Conference. Unitas threw for 2213 yards and 14 touchdowns. The Colts and Unitas got a small measure of revenge for their loss to the Jets in Super Bowl III as they won 29-22, in the 1970 regular NFL season.



1973 –  Unitas was traded to the San Diego Chargers in 1973 but he was far past his prime. His final victory as a starter was against the Buffalo Bills in week two. Unitas was 10-18 for 175 yards, two touchdown passes and no interceptions in a 34-7 win



1974 – Johnny Unitas retired during the 1974 preseason.



1954 – 1972 – Married,  had a total of 5 children.


1973 – married again, had 3 children.



2002 – Died Suddenly at his home in Balwin, Maryland of a myocar dial infarction (heartattack)



1979 – He was entered into Pro Football Hall of Fame.



1970’s –  After his playing days were finished, Unitas settled in Baltimore where he raised his family while also pursuing a career in broadcasting, doing color commentary for NFL games on CBS.




1999 – he was ranked No. 5 on The Sporting News’ list of the 100 Greatest Football Players.




2.9 (58.54%) 41 votes