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Underhill, John

Born: 1608 AD
Died: 1672 AD
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1608 – Born in the Netherlands to English parents. Founder of the oldest and largest Underhill family in the U. S. and Canada.

1628 – Was Cadet in the Guard of the Prince of Orange.

1630 – He became a professional soldier and was brought to Massachusetts in 1630 to train the colony’s militia.

1635-1644 – Captain of Pequot War, Indian War and Anglo-Dutch War.

1665 – Member General Courts (Legislatures) of Massachusetts Bay and New Haven, Council of New Netherland, and Hempstead Convention.

1638 – Selectman of Boston, Governor of Dover, Sheriff of Flushing, High Constable and Undersheriff of North Riding of Yorkshire on LI. Author of Newes from America.

2.5 (50%) 8 votes