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Marcus Ulpius Trajanus Dacicus; Marcus Ulpius Trajanus Parthicus (Trajan)

Born: 053 AD
Died: 117 AD, at 63 years of age.

Nationality: Roman
Categories: Emperor, Monarch


53 - Marcus Ulpius Nerva Traianus, born on the 18th of September, commonly called Trajan. He was the son of Marcia and Marcus Ulpius Traianus, a prominent senator and general from the famous gens Ulpia.

85-89 - Domitian had campaigned against Dacia without securing a decisive outcome, and Decebalus had brazenly flouted the terms of the peace which had been agreed on conclusion of this campaign.

91 - He was nominated as Consul and brought Apollodorus of Damascus with him to Rome.

97 - He accomplished this by naming Trajan as his adoptive son and successor in the summer.

98 - He was Roman Emperor. He was the second of the Five Good Emperors of the Roman Empire. Under his rule, the Empire reached its greatest territorial extent.
         - His mother Nerva died on the 27th of January, the highly respected Trajan succeeded without incident.

101 - He launched a punitive expedition into the kingdom of Dacia, on the northern bank of the Danube River, defeating the Dacian army near Tapae.

105 - Decebalus though, after being left to his own devices, undertook an invasion against Roman territory by attempting to stir up some of the tribes north of the river against her.

106 - He took to the field again and after building with the design of Apollodorus of Damascus his massive bridge over the Danube, he conquered Dacia completely.

113 - He embarked on his last campaign, provoked by Parthia's decision to put an unacceptable king on the throne of Armenia, a kingdom over which the two great empires had shared hegemony since the time of Nero some fifty years earlier.

116 - Then he turned south into Parthia itself, taking the cities of Babylon, Seleucia and finally the capital of Ctesiphon.

         - He captured the great city of Susa. He deposed the Parthian king Osroes I and put his own puppet ruler Parthamaspates on the throne. 

         - He grew ill and set out to sail back to Italy.

117 - His health declined throughout the spring and summer, and by the time he had reached Selinus in Cilicia which was afterwards called Trajanopolis, he suddenly died from edema on the 9th of August.


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