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Toynbee, Arnold Joseph

Born: 1889 AD
Died: 1975 AD
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1889 – Born on the 14th of April.

1912 – He began his teaching career as a fellow of Balliol College and thereafter held positions at King’s College London, the London School of Economics and the Royal Institute of International Affairs in Chatham House.

1919 – He worked for the Intelligence department of the British Foreign Office during World War I and served as a delegate to the Paris Peace Conference.

1925 – He was Director of Studies at the RIIA.

1936 – He was co-editor of the RIIA’s annual Survey of International Affairs, Toynbee was received in the Reichskanzlei by Adolf Hitler

1934 – A Study of History, was a synthesis of world history, a metahistory based on universal rhythms of rise, flowering and decline, which examined history from a global perspective.

1947 – He appeared on the cover of Time Magazine.

1968 – He wrote in “All through those 30 years, Britain into Palestine, year by year, a quota of Jewish immigrants that varied according to the strength of the respective pressures of the Arabs and Jews at the time.

1975 – Died on the 22nd of October.

2.4 (47.5%) 8 votes