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Titus Flavius Josephus

Born: 3700 AD
Died: 9500 AD
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37 AD – He was born this year in Jerusalem, Judea now known as Israel.


66 AD – He introduced himself in Greek as Iosepos, son of Matthias, an ethnic Hebrew, a priest from Jerusalem, fought the Romans in the First Jewish-Roman War of this year until 73 as a Jewish military leader in Galilee.


67 – Josephus and one of his soldiers surrendered to the Roman forces invading Galilee in July of this year.


69 AD – He was released and according to Josephus’ own account, he appears to have played some role as a negotiator with the defenders in the Siege of Jerusalem in 70.


70 AD – He married a Jewish woman from Alexandria by whom he had three children, all boys.


71 AD – He arrived in Rome in the entourage of Titus, becoming a Roman citizen and Flavian dynasty client; hence he is often referred to as Flavius Josephus.


95 AD – He died this year in Rome, Italy.

3.2 (64.62%) 26 votes