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Timothy W. Huddleston

Born: 1962 AD
Currently alive, at 56 years of age.
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Tim is the founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Aerospace Development Center (NADC).  NADC is a unique national nonprofit independent and nonpartisan think tank that promotes aerospace policy, research, education, economic development, work force development and public outreach.  NADC concentrates on future economic growth potentials derived from space and enabled through a true aerospace approach to space access.


Tim previously served as the Executive Director of the Aerospace States Association (ASA), an organization that represents states on matters related to aerospace policy and development. Tim was appointed Executive Director on February 18, 2003 by the ASA Board of Directors which is composed of Lt. Governors and Governor appointed delegates from member states. As Executive Director, Tim’s responsibilities included overseeing day-to-day management, advancing policy positions and representing the organization on Capitol Hill and within the President’s Administration.


From 1996 to 2003, Tim served as the Director of the Office of Aerospace Policy, a state program office charged with advancing aerospace research, commerce, workforce development and education throughout Alabama. Tim was appointed to this position by the Governor of Alabama. He also served as the Governor’s Advisor for Aerospace Affairs and Senior Space Policy Advisor from March 1999 to January 2003. Tim reported to and advised the Governor on matters related to aviation and space policy and aerospace industry development. Tim represented the Governor at meetings and events related to aerospace, and worked with agencies, officials, communities, organizations, companies and others. In addition, Tim served on the Alabama Commission on Aerospace Science and Industry as the Governor’s designated representative and as a commissioner on both the Governor’s Task Force on Military Affairs and the Alabama Commerce Commission representing aerospace interests.


Considered by his peers to be among the nation’s leading experts in space policy, next generation spaceport development, aerospace education and aerospace workforce development, Tim’s other accomplishments include having been elected by his peers to three consecutive terms as the Chairman of the National Coalition of Spaceport States (NCSS) from 2000 to 2003, an organization that represents states engaged in the development of next generation space access facilities throughout the nation. Tim is a past Executive Director of the Alabama Aerospace Teachers’ Association, Executive Secretary of the Alabama Science Teachers’ Association, and Director of Aerospace Education for the Alabama Wing CAP/US Air Force at Maxwell Air Force Base, where he held the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.


Tim Huddleston also serves on the Board of Directors of Talon Aerospace, LLC a successful LED aircraft anti-collision light developer and manufacturer that he helped found.  Talon Aerospace was the first company in the world to successfully develop an LED aircraft anti-collision light system for commercial and military aircraft to be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration.  Tim is president and CEO of Tim Huddleston and Associates, LLC, a consulting firm that specializes in strategic planning, professional development and government relations for the business community.  Tim is currently serving as an aerospace policy consultant to a number of aerospace companies and organizations nationally.  Tim frequently guest lectures on aerospace at several universities around the country. 


Tim Huddleston has received numerous awards and honors. Most notably, he has received a Governor’s Commendation for Meritorious Service to the state of Alabama; an honorary Admiral’s Commission; and he is the 1998 recipient of the coveted Frank G. Brewer Award, the nation’s highest aerospace educator award awarded by the US Air Force. Tim is a native Alabamian who has written numerous works on aerospace policy and development, and is considered to be among the leading authorities in future space infrastructure development. Tim also travels around the country as an accomplished after-dinner and motivational speaker. 


Currently, Tim is writing a book on the future of spaceflight entitled, "Where Do We Go From Here: The Future of Spaceflight’" which is expected to be on the bookshelves by summer of next year. 



1.3 (26.67%) 3 votes