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Thyssen, Fritz

Born: 1873 AD
Died: 1951 AD
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1873 – Born in Mülheim in the Ruhr area on the 9th of November.

1900 – He married Amélie Zurhelle, daughter of a factory owner.

1923 – When France and Belgium occupied the Ruhr to punish Germany for not meeting its reparations payments in full, he took part in the nationalist resistance against the occupiers, leading the Ruhr steelmakers in refusing to co-operate in producing coal and steel for them.

1923 – Thyssen met former General Erich Ludendorff, who advised him to attend a speech given by Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazi Party.

1932 – In November, Thyssen and Hjalmar Schacht were the main organisers of a letter to President Paul von Hindenburg urging him to appoint Hitler as Chancellor.

1933 – Thyssen also persuaded the Association of German Industrialists to donate 3 million Reichsmarks to the Nazi Party for the March Reichstag election.

1934 – He was one of the business leaders who persuaded Hitler to suppress the SA, leading to the "Night of the Long Knives". Thyssen was horrified, however, at the simultaneous murder of various conservative figures such as Kurt von Schleicher.

1935 – he also objected to the increasing repression of the Roman Catholic Church, which gathered pace.

1939 – He was also bitterly criticising the regime’s economic policies, which were subordinating everything to rearmament in preparation for war.

1943 – He was arrested and taken back to Germany, where he was confined, first in a sanatorium near Berlin, then in Sachsenhausen concentration camp.

1945 – He was sent to Dachau concentration camp.

1951 – Died on the 8th of February.

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