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Telemann, Georg Philipp

Born: 1681 AD
Died: 1767 AD
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1681 – Georg Philipp Telemann Composer, born on the 14th of March in Magdeburg, EC Germany. He was a German Baroque music composer.  A prolific composer, his works include church music, 46 passions, over 40 operas, oratorios, many songs, and a large body of instrumental music.

1700 – He studied at Leipzig, and taught himself music by learning to play a wide range of instruments and studying the scores of the masters.

1704 – Became organist of the Neukirche, and founded a society among the students, called the "Collegium Musicum." He wrote various operas for the Leipzig theater before his church appointment.

       – He became Capellmeister to a Prince Promnitz at Sorau.

1708 – Became Concertmeister, and then Capellmeister, at Eisenach, and, still retaining this post, became musikdirector of the church of St. Catherine.

1712 – 1721 – He held several posts as Kapellmeister, notably at Frankfurt.

1721 – Became musical director of the Johanneum at Hamburg until his death.

1767 – Died on the 25th of June in Hamburg, Germany.

2.4 (47.27%) 11 votes