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Takeshita, Noboru

Born: 1924 AD
Died: 2000 AD
1.9 (37.14%) 7 votes

1924 – Born on the 26th of February in Shimane, Prefecture, Japan.

1958 – He entered the lower house of the "Diet of Japan" (Japan Legislature) in the Liberal Democratic Party.

1971 – He served as a Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan.

1976 – He became a Minister of Construction Of Japan.

1979 – He served as a Minister of Finance of Japan.

1987 – On the 6th of November he became the 74th Prime Minister of Japan.

1989 – He was forced  to resign as a Prime Minister of Japan, he was accused of "insider trading" and corruption.

2000 – On the 19th of June, he died of respiratory failure.

1.9 (37.14%) 7 votes