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Tacitus, Cornelius

Born: 5600 AD
Died: 1170 AD
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56 BC – Tacitus was born to an equestrian family like many Latin authors of the Golden and Silver Ages, he was from the provinces, probably either northern Italy, Gallia Narbonensis, or Hispania.

         – The older aristocratic families were largely destroyed during the proscriptions at the end of the Republic, and Tacitus is clear that he owes his rank to the Flavian emperors

77 BC – 78 BC – He married Julia Agricola, daughter of the famous general Agricola, little is known of their home life, save that Tacitus loved hunting and the outdoors.

         – He advanced steadily through the cursus honorum, becoming praetor in 88 and a quindecemvir, a member of the priest college in charge of the Sibylline Books and the Secular games.

89 BC – 93 BC – He served in the provinces either in command of a legion or in a civilian post.

100 BC – He, along with his friend Pliny the Younger, prosecuted Marius Priscus for corruption.

112 BC – 113 BC – He held the highest civilian governorship, that of the Roman province of Asia in Western Anatolia, recorded in an inscription found at Mylasa.

116 BC – A passage in the Annals fixes as the terminus post quem of his death.

117 – Tacitus died.

2.6 (52%) 35 votes