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Susanin, Ivan

Born: 15XX AD
Died: 1613 AD.

Nationality: Russian
Categories: Soldier


1619 - A certain Bogdan Sobinin from Domnino village near Kostroma received from Tsar Mikhail one half of Derevischi village.

1912 - Upon the latter's election to the Russian throne, the Zemsky Sobor sent Prince Vorotynsky and several other boyars to inform Mikhail, then living in Domnino, about his election.

         - The Susanin legend became a cornerstone of tsarist propaganda. Kondraty Ryleyev glorified his exploit in a poem, and Mikhail Glinka wrote the first Russian opera, A Life for the Tsar, on the same subject.

         - He was nonplussed by the fact that it was in the Ipatiev Monastery and not in the village of Domnino that Mikhail Romanov was residing.

1613 - Ivan Susannin died.


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