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Stuyvesant, Peter

Born: 1600 AD
Died: 1672 AD
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1600 – He was born this year in Scherpenzeel, Peperga, in southern Friesland in the Netherlands. He was the son of a minister, and he studied in Franeker.


1625 – He entered military service in the West Indies.


1634 – He was director of the Dutch West India Company’s colony of Curaçao from this year to 1644.


1644 – He attacked the Portuguese island of Saint Martin and was wounded. He returned to the Netherlands, where his right leg was amputated and replaced with a wooden peg.

1645 – He was selected by the Dutch West India Company to replace William Kieft as Director-General of New Netherland.He also married Judith Bayard this year.


1647 – He served as the last Dutch Director-General of the colony of New Netherland. He was a major figure in the early history of New York City.

1648 – A conflict started between him and Brant Arent Van Slechtenhorst, the commissary of the fort of Rensselaerwyck.


1649 – He marched to Fort Orange with a military escort and ordered houses to be razed to permit a better defense of the fort in case of an attack of the Native Americans.

1650 – A meeting of the commissioners on boundaries took place in Hartford, Connecticut. The border was arranged to the dissatisfaction of the council, who declared that "the governor had ceded away enough territory to found fifty colonies each fifty miles square." He then threatened to dissolve the council.


1665 – He sailed into the Delaware River with a fleet of seven vessels and about 700 men and took possession of the colony of New Sweden. In the same year, he went to Holland to report on his term as governor. On his return, he spent the remainder of his life on his farm of sixty-two acres outside the city.

1672 – In August of this year, he died and he was interred at St Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery in Manhattan.




3.5 (69%) 20 votes