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Stuck, Hudson

Born: 1863 AD
Died: 1920 AD
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1865 – Born in London on the 11th of November.

1913 – Stuck, Karstens, R. G. Tatum, Walter Harper, Johnny, and Esaias departed from Nenana on the 17th of March.

         – They reached the summit of McKinley on the 7th of June, Walter Harper, a native Alaskan, reached the summit first.

         – The party made atmospheric measurements at the peak of the mountain for purposes of determining its elevation. At the summit, their aneroid barometer read 13.175 inches, their boiling-point thermometer read 174.9 degrees, their mercurial barometer read 13.617 inches.

         – The tent-pole was used for a moment as a flagstaff while Tatum hoisted a little United States flag he had patiently and skilfully constructed in our camps below out of two silk handkerchiefs and the cover of a sewing-bag.

1920 – Died on the 10th of October of pneumonia in Fort Yukon, Alaska.

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