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Stuart, James Ewell Brown

Born: 1833 AD
Died: 1864 AD
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1833 – Born at Laurel Hill on the 6th of February.

1848-1850 – James was enrolled at school in Wytheville. He attended Emory and Henry College.

1854 – He entered the Class at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York.

         – Stuart was assigned to the U.S. Mounted Rifles in Texas.

1857 – Stuart was wounded in July, while fighting on the frontier against Native Americans.

1859 – Stuart carried the orders for Colonel Robert E. Lee to proceed to Harpers Ferry to crush John Brown’s raid on the U.S. Arsenal there.

1861 – He was promoted to captain on the22nd of April.

         – Resigned from the U.S. Army on the 14th of May to join the Confederate States Army, following the secession of Virginia.

1862 – Stuart led a raid north of the Rappahannock River, inflicting some 230 casualties while losing only 27 of his own men.

1863 – In May at the Battle of Chancellorsville, Stuart was appointed by Lee to take command of the Second Corps for a few days after Lt. Gen. Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson had been mortally wounded and did as well commanding infantry as he did cavalry.

1863 – He commanded the Southern horsemen at the Battle of Brandy Station, the largest predominantly cavalry engagement of the war, on the 9th of June.

1864 – Died on the 12th of May.

4 (80.69%) 29 votes