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Stradella, Alessandro

Born: 1639 AD
Died: 1682 AD
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1639 – Born in Rome on the 3rd of April.

1667 – He moved to Rome where he composed copiously, mostly sacred music, and began to live a dissolute life.

         – He went to Venice, where he was hired by a powerful nobleman as the music tutor to his mistress.

         – He was again involved in an affair with a poorly-chosen woman, and this time a hired killer caught up with him at the Piazza Banchi and stabbed him to death.

         – Stradella was an extremely influential composer at the time, though his fame was eclipsed in the next century by Corelli, Vivaldi and others.

         – Three separate composers made operas out of his life, the most famous being Friedrich von Flotow with his Alessandro Stradella.

1682 – He was murdered in Genoa on the 25th of  February.

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