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Stirling, James

Born: 1692 AD
Died: 1770 AD
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1692 – James Stirling, born on the 22nd of April in Garden, Stirlingshire, Scotland. He Scottish mathematician, third son of Archibald Stirling of Garden, and grandson of Sir Archibald Stirling of Keir.

1710 – At eighteen years of age he went to Oxford, where, chiefly through the influence of the Earl of Mar.

1711 – He was nominated one of Bishop Warner’s exhibitioners at Balliol.

1715 – He was expelled on account of his correspondence with members of the Keir and Garden families, who were noted Jacobites.

1717 – Appeared his Lineae tertii ordinis Newtonianae, sive, (8vo, Oxford).

1718 – Communicated, through Isaac Newton, to the Royal Society a paper entitled "Methodus differentialis Newtoniana illustrata".

1725 – Fearing assassination on account of having discovered a trade secret of the glass-makers of Venice, he returned with Newton’s help to London.

1730 – His most important work was published, the Methodus differentialis, sive tractatus de summatione et interpolatione serierum infinitarum.

1735 – He communicated to the Royal Society a paper "On the Figure of the Earth, and on the Variation of the Force of Gravity at its Surface".

       – He was appointed manager for the Scots Mining Company at Leadhills.

1770 – He died in Edinburgh on the 5th of December.

1.7 (33.33%) 3 votes