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John Michael Stipe (Stipe Michael)

Born: 1960 AD
Currently alive, at 55 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Musicians


1960 - Born on the 4th of January in Decatur Georgia.

1980 - Stipe met Peter Buck, Bill Berry and Mike Mills  while studying photography and painting at the University of Georgia.

1983 - Beginning with Murmur, R.E.M. released a series of critically acclaimed albums with a wide variety of mainstream success.

1990 - Stipe and the other members of R.E.M. are known as pioneers of alternative rock and are credited with having inspired many of the acts that went on to make up the alternative music scene including Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Radiohead.

1998 - He published a collection called Two Times Intro: On the Road with Patti Smith and worked on Single Cell, a film production company which released several arthouse  indie movies Velvet Goldmine, starring Ewan McGregor.

1999 - Being John Malkovich, American Movie.

2001 - Newsweek interview Stipe described himself as a "queer artist".

2003 - On tour, he occasionally sang lead vocals on the song "Lucky". Likewise, Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke appeared at a few R.E.M. shows, singing the backing vocals on "E-Bow the Letter".

2006 - He released an EP that comprised six different cover versions of Joseph Arthur's "In the Sun" for the Hurricane Katrina disaster relief fund. One version, recorded in a collaboration with Coldplay's Chris Martin, reached number one on the Canadian Singles Chart.


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