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Sterling, John

Born: 1806 AD
Died: 1844 AD
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1806 – John Sterling, born on the 20th of July at Kames Castle on the Isle of Bute. He belonged to a family of Scottish origin which had settled in Ireland during the Cromwellian period. His father was Edward Sterling. He was a British author.

1824 – Entered Trinity College, Cambridge, where he had for tutor Julius Charles Hare.

1828 – He purchased the Athenaeum magazine from James Silk Buckingham.

1830 – Symptoms of pulmonary disease induced him to take up his residence in the island of St Vincent, where he had inherited some property, and he remained there fifteen months before returning to England.

1833 – He published Arthur Coningsby, a novel, which attracted little attention.

1834 – He was ordained and became curate at Hurstmonceaux, where his old tutor Julius Hare was vicar.

1837 – Established a connection with Blackwood’s Magazine, to which he contributed a variety of papers and several tales of extraordinary promise not fulfilled in his more considerable undertakings.

1839 – 1843 – HIs works and his Poems, the Election, a Poem, and Strafford, a tragedy, were not more successful.

1844 – He died at Ventnor on the 18th of September, his wife having died in the preceding year.

2.9 (58.33%) 12 votes