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Stallone, Michael Sylvester Gardenzio (Stallone, Sylvester)

Born: 1946 AD
Currently alive, at 69 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Actors


1946 - Born on July 6th in New York, New York. American actor, screenwriter and film director.

         - Was part owner of the Planet Hollywood restaurant chain with Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

1951 - He spent his first five years in Hell's Kitchen, bouncing between foster homes while his parents endured a loud, troubled marriage.

         - Stallone coached women's athletics at the American College of Switzerland, and became involved in drama, appearing in a school production of Arthur Miller's Death of A Salesman.

1970 - He got his first starring role in the porno "The Party at Kitty and Studs".

1971 - He had a bit part as a thug in Woody Allen's "Bananas".

1972 - He wrote the screenplay for the modestly successful "The Lords of Flatbush" and had a featured role in the film, but was overshadowed by Henry Winkler.

1974 - Married to Sasha Czack on December 28th.

1976 - Began getting more work in small film roles, but had his greatest success with "Rocky". He wrote the script, and was shrewd enough to sell it with the stipulation that he star as the film's small-time boxer making the big time.

1982 - Found a second signature role as John Rambo in "First Blood", a non-stop action movie about a victimized Vietnam vet who takes out his vengeance on a small town's sadistic sheriff.

1985 - Married to Brigitte Nielsen on December 15th.

1991 - Sued the British magazine The Spectator for publishing an article which suggested he had "ducked the Vietnam War".

1997 - Married to Jennifer Flavin on May 17th.

2005 - Began hosting and producing The Contender, a heavily-hyped boxing show from "reality-TV" king Mark Burnett.

2008 - He wrote, directed, and starred in his sixth outing as "Rocky Balboa", with the battered and wrinkled boxer stepping back into the ring for an exhibition match. After that film drew surprisingly good reviews and box office, he returned to the role of "Rambo".


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