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Spinoza, Baruch

Born: 1632 AD
Died: 1677 AD
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1632 – Born in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands on the 24th of November.

1656 – He was issued the writ of cherem , from the Jewish community, for the apostasy of how he conceived God.

1660 – Spinoza’s name became more widely known, and eventually Gottfried Leibniz and Henry Oldenburg paid him visits.

1661 – Spinoza relocated from Amsterdam to Rijnsburg and later lived in Voorburg and The Hague respectively.

1665 – He notified Oldenburg that he had started to work on a new book, the Theologico-Political Treatise.

1677 – Died while still working on a political thesis on the 21st of February.

2.7 (53.85%) 13 votes