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Spinelli, Jerry

Born: 1941 AD
Currently alive, at 77 years of age.
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1941 – Jerry Spinelli was born on the 1st of February.


1945 – Bill Jerry’s brother was born on the 29th of July.


1948 – Jerry Spinelli goes to school in his cowboy outfit.


1950 – His family got his first T.V. a 12in Magnavox when he had kidney illness in 3rd grade.


1953 – He entered the Hartrafant Elementary spelling bee and got out with the word lacquer spelling it



1953 – He came 1st in the 50 yard dash for Hartrafant Elementary.


1954 – At Stewart Junior High he astonished his shop teacher Mr. Rohn withe his excellent drawings and lettering.


        – He won Palmer Method penmanship certificates and was declared outstanding boy pinmiester.


1955 – He had perfect attendance at Sunday School.


1956 – He starts writing at the age of 15.


1957 – His dog Lucky died he got run over by a car.


1963 – He graduate at Gettysburg College.


1964 – He earned an MA from Johns Hopkins University.


1966-1972 – He served in the United States Navy Reserve.


1977 – He married his wife Eileen.


1982 – He publishes his first book("Space Station Seventh Grade").


1990 – He won the Boston Globe Award.


1991 – He won the Newberry Medal for "Maniac Magee".


1991 – He won Newberry Medal for the most Distinguished Contribution to American Literature for Children.


1992 – He won the D.C. Fishes Award.


2005 – One of his books "Star Girl" was made into a movie.

2.9 (58.11%) 106 votes