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Sontag, Susan

Born: 1933 AD
Died: 2004 AD
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1933 – Born on January 16th in New York, New York. American intellectual and writer best known for her essays on modern culture.

1951 – She attended the University of California at Berkeley for one year and then transferred to the University of Chicago, from which she graduated.

1954-1955 – She studied English literature (M.A.) and philosophy (M.A.) at Harvard University and taught philosophy at several colleges and universities.

1963 – The publication of her first novel, The Benefactor.

1966-1969 – She also wrote a number of essays and reviews, most of which were published in such periodicals as The New York Review of Books, Commentary, and Partisan Review. Some of these short pieces were collected in Against Interpretation, and Other Essays. Her second novel, Death Kit, was followed by another collection of essays, Styles of Radical Will.

1977-2000 – Her later critical works included On Photography, Illness as Metaphor, Under the Sign of Saturn, and AIDS and Its Metaphors. She also wrote the historical novels The Volcano Lover: A Romance and In America.

2004 – Died on December 28th in New York.

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