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Siqueiros, David Alfaro

Born: 1896 AD
Died: 1974 AD
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1896 – He was born on the 29th day of December this year in Camargo, Chihuahua, Mexico.


1911 – At age 15, Siqueiros attended the Academy of San Carlos and was involved in a student strike that protested the academy’s method of teaching and urged the impeachment of the school’s director.


1912 – One year later, when he was just sixteen years old, he conspired against Victoriano Huerta’s dictatorship.


1919 – From this year until 1922 he traveled to Belgium, France, Italy, and Spain to study art. Throughout his career he traveled internationally, promoting his version of muralism in the United States, South America (including Uruguay, Argentina and Chile), Cuba, Europe, and the Soviet Union.


1932 – He was exiled twice from Mexico, once in this year and again in 1940, following his assassination attempt on Leon Trotsky.


1936 – He ran a political art workshop in New York City in preparation for this year’s General Strike for Peace and May Day parade.


1937 – From this year until 1938 he fought in the Spanish Civil War alongside the Spanish Republican forces, in opposition to Francisco Franco’s military coup.


1939 – His notable projects include his collaborative mural at the Mexican Electricians’ Union in this year, From Porfiriato to the Revolution at the Museum of National History in  1955, March of Humanity and the Polyforum Cultural Siqueiros on Avenida Insurgentes in 1965, and his role in procuring mural commissions for artists on the University City campus of the National Autonomous University of Mexico in 1950s Mexico City.


1966 – Siqueiros was awarded the Lenin Peace Prize for this year. His nephew is filmmaker David Siqueiros


1974 – He died on the 6th day of January this year in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.

2.8 (56.92%) 13 votes