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Singer, Isaac Merritt

Born: 1811 AD
Died: 1875 AD
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1811 – Isaac Merritt Singer, born on the 26th of October in Pittstown, New York. He was an American inventor, actor, and entrepreneur.

1830 – Married Catherine Maria Haley.

1835 – He moved with Catherine and their son William to New York City, working in a press shop.

1836 – Left the city as an advance agent for a company of players, touring through Baltimore, where he met Mary Ann Sponsler, to whom he proposed marriage.

1837 – He returned to New York, where he and Catherine conceived a daughter, Lillian.

1839 – Obtained his first patent, for a machine to drill rock, selling it for $2,000.

1844 – Took a job in a print shop in Fredericksburg, Ohio.

1846 – Moved quickly on to Pittsburgh to set up a woodshop for making wood type and signage.

1849 – He developed and patented a "machine for carving wood and metal" on April.

1850 – Went to Boston to set the machine up at the shop of Orson C. Phelps, where Lerow and Blodgett sewing machines were being constructed.

1851 – He received a patent in relation to improvements on the sewing machine on August.

1856 – Manufacturers Grover, Baker, Singer, Wheeler, and Wilson, all accusing the others of patent infringement, met in Albany, New York to pursue their suits.

1860 – He divorced Catherine, on the basis of her adultery with Stephen Kent.

1863 – I. M. Singer & Co. was dissolved by mutual consent, with the business continued by "The Singer Manufacturing Company," enabling the reorganization of financial and management responsibilities.

1875 – Died on the 23rd of July.

3 (60.48%) 42 votes