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Sharp, Granville

Born: 1735 AD
Died: 1813 AD
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1735 – Born in Durham on the 10th of November.

1758 – Was educated at Durham School, he was then apprenticed to a London draper, but obtained employment in the government ordnance department.

1767 – He had become involved in litigation with the owner of an enslaved African called Jonathan Strong, in which it was decided that a slave remained in law the chattel of his master even on English soil.

1770 – He had published more than one treatise on biblical criticism.

1787 – It was through his efforts that bishops for the United States of America were consecrated by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

1813 – Died on the 6th July, and a memorial of him was erected in Westminster Abbey.

2.5 (50.59%) 34 votes