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Born: 7050 AD
Died: 6810 AD
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705 BC – Sennacherib was born.

703 BC – His first campaign took place against the chaldean Merodach-Baladan II who had seized the throne of Babylon and gathered an alliance supported by Chaldeans, Arameans, and Elam.

701 BC – A rebellion backed by Egypt and Babylonia broke out in Judah and was led by Hezekiah.

703 BC – He had built a palace complete with park and artificial irrigation he called his new home ‘The palace without rival’.

700 BC – The Assyrian army returned to fight the rebels in the marshes again.

694 BC – Another campaign was led, six years later, to destroy the Elamite base on the shore of the Persian Gulf.

693 BC – The Assyrians fought their way back north and captured various cities.

690 BC – He also constructed the first ever aqueduct, at Jerwan which supplied the large demand of water in Nineveh.

691 BC – The last great battle was fought with an uncertain result which enabled Mushezib-Marduk to remain on the throne for another two years.

689 BC – This was only a brief respite because shortly afterwards Babylon was besieged.

681 BC – Sennnacherib died.

2.3 (46.67%) 12 votes