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Seldte, Franz

Born: 1882 AD
Died: 1947 AD
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1882 – Born in Magdeburg on the 29th of June.

1918 – On the 25th of December, he founded the Stahlhelm, Bund der Frontsoldaten and became its leader. However, he had a number of arguments with its acting leader Theodor Duesterberg.

1931 – He together with Alfred Hugenberg and Adolf Hitler, helped create the Harzburg Front, an alliance against the Heinrich Brüning government.

1933 – In April, he joined the National Socialist German Workers Party and integrated the Stahlhelm into the Sturmabteilung.

         – In August, he became an SA-Obergruppenführer and later was a Reichskommissar for the Freiwilligen Arbeitsdienst.

1934 – In March, he was made leader of the German League of Front Fighters, an organization, however, that was soon disbanded.

1935 – He requested to be released from official responsibilities, but Hitler refused.

1945 – Seldte remained, without substantial power, when he became a member of the government as the Prussian Arbeitsminister.

         – He was arrested at the end of the war and died in a US military hospital at Fürth, before being arraigned on charges.

1947 – Died on the 1st of April.

1 (20%) 2 votes