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Scott, Raymond

Born: 1908 AD
Died: 1994 AD
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1908 – He was born on the 10th day of September this year in Brooklyn.


1931 – He graduated from the Julliard’s School of Music where he studied piano, theory and composition, Scott began his professional career as a pianist for the CBS Radio house band.


1936 – While he was at CBS, he recruited a band from among his colleagues, calling it the "Raymond Scott Quintette." It was a six-piece group.


1937 – For two years, the Quintette existed, and racked up numerous big-selling discs, including "Twilight in Turkey," "In An Eighteenth Century Drawing Room," "Powerhouse," and "The Penguin."


1939 – He is seeking greater challenges during the Swing Era, folded his Quintette into a big band. They were both a recording and touring success.


1942 – He was appointed music director of CBS radio this year. He made history by breaking the color barrier, organizing the first racially integrated radio band. He hired some of the hottest black jazz heavyweights of the day, such as saxophonist Ben Webster, trumpeter Charlie Shavers, and drummer Cozy Cole.


1943 – His historical and inadvertent renown as "the man who made cartoons swing" began in this year, when Scott sold his music publishing to Warner Brothers.


1962 – He composed to accompany animation were three 20-second electronic commercial jingles for County Fair Bread in this year.


1969 – The Motown impresario Berry Gordy, tipped off about a mad musical scientist engaged in mysterious works visited Scott at his Long Island labs to witness the Electronium in action.


1971 – He was hired by Gordy to serve as director of Motown’s electronic music and research department in Los Angeles, a position Scott held until 1977.


1987 – He suffered a major stroke this year, which left him unable to work or engage in conversation. His recordings were largely out of print, his electronic instruments were cobweb-collecting relics, and his once-abundant royalty stream had slowed to a barely-enough-to-pay-the-bills trickle.


1994 – He died on the 8th day of February this year.

















2.9 (57%) 20 votes