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Scott, Randolph

Born: 1898 AD
Died: 1987 AD
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1898 – He was born on the 23rd of January this year in Orange County, Virginia, USA. Because of his family’s financial status, young Randolph was able to be educated in private schools such as Woodberry Forest School.


1917 – The United States entered World War I. Shortly afterwards, he, then 19 years old, joined the Army and served in France as an artillery observer.


1919 – He decided to return to America and thus journeyed home in or around this year.


1927 – He developed in interest in acting and decided to make his way to Los Angeles and seek a career in the motion picture industry


1928 – He got a small part in a George O’Brien film called Sharp Shooters.


1931 – After several years of bit parts in the movies, he played his first leading role with Sally Blane in Women Men Marry.


1932 – He appeared in a play at the Vine Street Theatre in Hollywood entitled Under a Virginia Moon.


1935 – He was firmly established as a popular movie star and, thus, following the release of Rocky Mountain Mystery this year.


1936 – He married heiress Marion Du Pont, daughter of William Du Pont, Sr.


1938 – He finished his contract with Paramount and began freelancing. 20th Century Fox Scott supported child star Shirley Temple in Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.


1942 – He appeared, like many film actors of the time, in several war movies, notably To the Shores of Tripoli, Bombardier, and Corvette K-225.


1944 – He married Patricia Stillman, with whom he adopted two children.


1950 – He was a consistent box-office draw.


1962 – He made his final film appearance in Ride the High Country, a film now regarded as a classic.


1987 – He died on the 2nd day of March this year at age 89 in Beverly Hills, California. He was interred in the Elmwood Cemetery in Charlotte, North Carolina.




















1.3 (25%) 4 votes