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Scorsese, Martin

Born: 1942 AD
Currently alive, at 76 years of age.
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1942 – He was born on the 17th day of November this year at Flushing, New York, USA.


1966 – He received his MFA in film directing in this year.


1967 – His most famous short of the period is the darkly comic The Big Shave on this year, which featured an unnamed man who shaves himself until profusely bleeding, ultimately slitting his own throat with his razor.


1970 – He became a friend and acquaintance of the so-called "movie brats" of this year.


1972 – He made the Depression-era gangster film Boxcar Bertha for B-movie producer Roger Corman on this year, who had also helped directors such as Francis Ford Coppola, James Cameron and John Sayles launch their careers.


1974 – He was chosen by Ellen Burstyn of this year in Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, for which she won an Academy Award for Best Actress..


       – Martin is known to make a cameo in his movies, just as Hitchcock.


1976 – He sent shockwaves through the cinema world when he directed the iconic Taxi Driver on this year, an unrelentingly grim and violent portrayal of one man’s slow descent into insanity in a hellishly conceived Manhattan.


1979 – He was also married to actress Isabella Rossellini from this year to their divorce in 1982.


1983 – He began work on a long-cherished personal project on this year, The Last Temptation of Christ, based on the 1951 book written by Nikos Kazantzakis (who was introduced to the director by actress Barbara Hershey when they were both attending New York University in the late 1960s.


1985 – He married producer Barbara De Fina in this year yet their marriage ended in divorce as well.


1986 – He made The Color of Money, a sequel to the much-admired Paul Newman film The Hustler on this year.


1990 – He acted in a cameo role as Vincent Van Gogh in the film Dreams by legendary Japanese director Akira Kurosawa on this year.


1995 – He still found time for a four-hour documentary in this year offering a thorough trek through American cinema.


1999 – He back to neo-noir in Bringing Out the Dead on this year. He also produced a documentary on Italian filmmakers entitled Il Mio Viaggio in Italia, also known as My Voyage to Italy on this year.


2003 – He became attached to do a film version of Thomas Eidson’s novel St. Agnes’ Stand for DreamWorks Pictures, a western about a reluctant hero who saves a nun and a group of children from Apache Indians on this year.


2007 – He won the Academy Award for Best Director for his film The Departed, which also won the Academy Award for Best Picture at the 79th Academy Awards in this year.



3.3 (66.67%) 45 votes