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Schoelcher, Victor

Born: 1804 AD
Died: 1893 AD
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1804 – Schoelcher was born in Paris.

1829-1830 – He was sent to visit America.

1833-1847 – He was responsible for the publication of many articles regarding slavery and in which he focused on positive aspects of abolishing slavery.

1848 – He became the president of the commission for the abolition of slavery and on the 27th of April the French government decreed that slavery was abolished in all of its colonies.

1851 – He continued to express his political ideas and on the 2nd of December went into exile in Belgium and London until 1870 after disagreeing with the writings of Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte’s coup d’etat.

1871 – Schoelcher was the most well informed Frenchman on the Caribbean colonies and developed a group of correspondents between the Caribbean, Great Britain and the United States.

1875 – Schoelcher was elected senator for life.

1889 – Schoelcher published his last writings.

1893 – Died on the 25th of December.

2.7 (54.55%) 22 votes