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Savage, Michael Joseph

Born: 1872 AD
Died: 1940 AD
1.5 (30%) 2 votes

1872 – Born on March 23rd in Rothesay, Victoria (Australia). The statesman who, as New Zealand’s first Labour prime minister, won public support for his administration’s economic recovery and social-welfare programs.

1907 – Savage immigrated to New Zealand, where he soon became active in the Auckland trade union movement.

1916-1933 – He joined the Labour Party on its formation, becoming its deputy leader and parliamentary leader.

1935 – He greatly contributed to the Labour victory, when he became prime minister and headed the ministries of external affairs, native affairs, and broadcasting.

1938-1939 – After leading Labour to one of its greatest electoral victories and supporting early mobilization for war, Savage’s health declined rapidly.

1940 – Fraser became acting prime minister until Savage’s death, when he succeeded Savage as head of the government.

         – Died on March 27th in Welington, New Zealand.

1.5 (30%) 2 votes