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Savage, Fred

Born: 1976 AD
Currently alive, at 42 years of age.
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1976 – He was born on July 9 of this year in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He was born Fredrick Aaron Savage in real life.


1980 – He began acting at age 4 with the movie “Dinosaur”.


1986 – He worked with Jay Underwood in the movie “The Boy Who Could Fly”.


1986 – A t the age of twelve, he was cast the lead role of the series "The Wonder Years" , it became a good show, and on the pilot, he got his first kiss.


1988 – He was later in the movie Vice Versa with Judge Reinhold.


1989 – Then in Little Monsters , in which he worked with his younger brother Ben Savage.


1997 – It took a year off from Stanford University to appear in the TV show "Working".


2001 – He had a guest spot on the animated series "Justice League"


2004 – He married Jennifer Lynn Stone.


2006 – He and his wife, Jennifer, became the parents of a boy and still living together.
















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