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Tcherniak, Nathalie Ilyanova (Sarraute, Nathalie)

Born: 1900 AD
Died: 1999 AD, at 99 years of age.

Nationality: Russian
Categories: Authors


1900 - Born on July 18th in Ivanova, Russia. French novelist and essayist, one of the earliest practitioners and a leading theorist of the nouveau roman, the French post-World War II “new novel,” or “antinovel,” a phrase applied by Jean-Paul Sartre to Sarraute's Portrait d'un inconnu (Portrait of a Man Unknown).

1908-1910 - Except for brief visits to Russia and an extended stay in St. Petersburg, she lived in Paris thereafter, and French was her first language.

1921 - She attended the University of Oxford.

1925 - Graduated with a license from the University of Paris, Sorbonne.

1926-1941 - She was a member of the French bar, until she became a full-time writer.

1956-1957 - Sarraute challenged the mystique of the traditional novel in her theoretical essay L'Ère du soupçon (The Age of Suspicion) and experimented with technique in Tropismes (Tropisms), her first collection of sketches.

1959-1963 - Within this aggregate of minute stirrings, Sarraute portrays a tyrannical father pushing his aging daughter into marriage (Portrait d'un inconnu), an elderly lady enamoured of furniture (Le Planétarium; The Planetarium), and a literary coterie reacting to a newly published novel (Les Fruits d'or; The Golden Fruits).

1978-1983 - Later works include Elle est là (“She Is There”), L'Usage de la parole (“The Usage of Speech”), and an autobiography, Enfance (Childhood).

1999 - Died on October 19th in Paris, France.


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