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Sargon II

Born: 7210 AD
Died: 7050 AD
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721 B.C. – Became one of Assyria’s great kings during the last century of its history. He extended and consolidated the conquests of his presumed father, Tiglath-pileser III.

714 B.C. – An unparalleled record of Sargon’s eighth campaign—in the form of a letter to the god Ashur—has been recovered.

         – Sargon led the Assyrian armies from Kalakh, which at the time was still his residence, into the areas around modern As-Sulaimaniyah in Iraqi Kurdistan and into the highlands of the Zagros range beyond.

705 B.C. – Sargon is assumed to have died in battle.

1.4 (28%) 5 votes