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Santa Anna, Antonio Lopez de

Born: 1794 AD
Died: 1876 AD
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1794 – Born on February 21st in Jalapa, Mexico. Mexican army officer and statesman who was the storm centre of Mexico’s politics during such events as the Texan revolt and the Mexican War.

1821 – He supported Agustín de Iturbide and the war for Mexican independence.

1823 – He helped overthrow Iturbide.

1828 – He backed Vicente Guerrero for president, only to help depose him later.

1829 – Santa Anna gained much prestige when he fought against Spain’s attempt to reconquer Mexico, and he became known as the Hero of Tampico.

1833 – Gain the presidency as a Federalist and opponent of the Roman Catholic church; in actuality, however, he established a centralized state.

1836 – He remained in power until he marched into Texas to quell a rebellion by U.S. settlers there.

1838 – When the French navy seized Veracruz and demanded an indemnity for injuries to French citizens in Mexico, Santa Anna led forces to Veracruz, only to shoot at the ships as they departed. He lost a leg in the skirmish.

1839 – He gained enough prestige from this event to act as dictator from March to July, while the president was away.

1845 – He led a revolt and seized power, which he held until he was driven into exile.

1876 – Died on June 21st in Mexico City.

         – Santa Anna possessed a magnetic personality and real qualities of leadership, but his lack of principles, his pride, and his love of military glory and extravagance, coupled with a disregard for and incompetence in civil affairs, led Mexico into a series of disasters and himself into ill repute and tragedy.

3.4 (67.6%) 50 votes