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Sachs, Hans

Born: 1494 AD
Died: 1576 AD
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1494 – Hans Sachs, born on the 5th of November in Nuremberg. He was a German meistersinger ("mastersinger"), poet, playwright and shoemaker.

1508 – When he was 14 he took up an apprenticeship as a shoemaker.

1511 – At age 17, he went on his "wanderjahre", that is, wandering about and working here and there, for five years.

1513 – He decided to become a mastersinger in Innsbruck.

1516 – He settled in Nuremberg and stayed for the rest of his life.

1519 – He married Kunigunde Creutzer on the 1st of September.

1525 – He had growing sympathies for Martin Luther and supported Luther’s cause in some works.

1576 – Died on the 19th of January.

2.8 (55%) 12 votes