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Russell, Charles Taze

Born: 1852 AD
Died: 1916 AD
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1852 – Born in Allegheny, Pennsylvania on the 16th of February.

1879 – On the 13th of March, Russell married Maria  Frances Ackley after merely a few months’ acquaintance.

1903 – In June, Mrs. Russell filed in the Court of Common Pleas at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a suit for legal separation.

1881 – Zion’s Watch Tower Tract Society was founded for the purpose of disseminating tracts, papers, doctrinal treatises and Bibles.

         – Russell devoted nearly a tenth of his fortune, along with contributed funds, in publishing and distributing Food for Thinking Christians.

1889 – The Time is at Hand.

1891 – Thy Kingdom Come.

1897 – The Day of Vengeance" later retitled "The Battle of Armageddon”.

1899 – The At-one-ment Between God and Men.

1904 – The New Creation.

1911 – On the 22nd of March, The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, a tabloid newspaper, began publishing articles accusing Russell of gaining profit from a strain of wheat named "Miracle Wheat" by its discoverer, K.B. Stoner of Fincastle, Virginia.

1916 – Died from the result of multiple ailments on the night on the 31st of October in a train car as it approached Pampa, Texas.


2.4 (48.82%) 34 votes