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Ruskin, John

Born: 1819 AD
Died: 1900 AD
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1819 – Born on the 8th of February in London, England.

1833 – He discovered the work of Turner through the illustrations to an edition of Samuel Rogers’s poem Italy given him by a business partner of his father.

1836 – He was provoked into drafting a reply (unpublished) to an attack on Turner’s painting by the art critic of Blackwood’s Magazine.

1842 – He returned to his abandoned project of defending and explaining the late work of Turner.

1843 – Published the first volume of Modern Painters, a book that would eventually consist of five volumes and occupy him for the next 17 years.

1843 – Became aware of another avant-garde artistic movement: the critical rediscovery of the painting of the Gothic Middle Ages.

1846 – He belatedly added an account of them to the third edition of the first volume.

1851 – He published an enthusiastic pamphlet about the PRB.

1844 – He had been involved in a major Gothic Revival building project, when George Gilbert Scott redesigned Ruskin’s parents’ parish church, St. Giles’s Camberwell.

1848 – Newly married to Euphemia Gray, Ruskin went on a honeymoon tour of the Gothic churches of northern France.

1864 – His father’s death had left Ruskin a wealthy man.

1870 – He appointment as Slade Professor of Fine Art at Oxford was a welcome encouragement at a troubled stage of his career.

1871 – He used his wealth, in part, to promote idealistic social causes, notably the Guild of St. George, a pastoral community first planned and formally constituted seven years later.

         – He launched Fors Clavigera, a one man monthly magazine.

1880-1884 – He developed his idiosyncratic cultural theories.

1900 – Died on the 20th of January in Coniston, Lancashire.

4 (79%) 20 votes