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Runeberg, Johan Ludvig

Born: 1804 AD
Died: 1877 AD
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1804 – Born on February 5th in Jakobstad, Swedish Finland (now Pietarsaari, Finland). Finno-Swedish poet who is generally considered to be the national poet of Finland. His works, which express the patriotic spirit of his countrymen, were written in Swedish and exercised great influence on Swedish literature as well.

1830-1831 – Moved to Helsinki, and became clerk to the council and, lecturer in Latin language and literature.

         – He received a gold medal from the Swedish academy for his verse romance of Finnish life, Grafven i Perho (“The Grave at Perho”).

1832-1836 – His two epic poems, Elgskyttarne (“The Moose Hunters”) and Hanna, won him a place in Swedish literature second only to Esaias Tegnér.

1837-1847 – He moved to Borgå (Porvoo), where he was lecturer in classics and rector of that college.

         – He published Kung Fjalar, a cycle of unrhymed verse romances derived from old Scandinavian legends.

         – He wrote the Finnish national anthem "Maamme" ("Our Land").

1848 – The first of his patriotic poems in Fänrik Ståls Sägner (2 series: Tales of Ensign Stal), “Vårt land” (“Our Country”), became the Finnish national anthem.

1877 – Died on May 6th in Borgå, Russian Finland (now Porvoo, Finland).

1 (20%) 3 votes