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Ross, George

Born: 1730 AD
Died: 1779 AD
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1730 – Born on May 10th in New Castle, Delaware.

1748 – At the age of eighteen he entered upon the study of law, under the superintendence of an elder brother, who was at that time in the practice of the profession, in the city of Philadelphia.

1768 – Mr. Ross commenced his political career, in which year he was first returned as a representative to the assembly of Pennsylvania.

1774 – He continued to be re-elected a member, until he was chosen in connection with several other gentlemen, a delegate to the celebrated congress which met at Philadelphia.

         – Pennsylvania delegate to Continental Congress.

1776 – The signer of Declaration of Independence as delegate from Pennsylvania.

1777 – Mr. Ross continued to represent the state of Pennsylvania in the national legislature, until January, when, on account of indisposition, he was obliged to retire.

1779 – Mr. Ross was appointed a judge of the court of admiralty for the state of Pennsylvania.

         – He died on July 14th due to poor health.

1.8 (36%) 5 votes