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Rodney, Caesar

Born: 1728 AD
Died: 1784 AD
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1728 – He was born on the 7th day of October this year at Byfields, his family’s farm on St. Jones Neck, in Dover Hundred, Kent County. Caesar Rodney was first educated at home, but later attended the Latin School in Philadelphia.


1745 – His father died this year, when he was just 17 years old and then he was placed under the guardianship of Nicholas Ridgley.


1763 – His mother died, he became the primary provider for his younger siblings who kept house for him. He never married.


1755 – He was elected Sheriff of Kent County and served the maximum three years allowed.


1761 – He began his service in the Assembly of the Lower Counties.


1765 – He joined Thomas McKean as a delegate to the Stamp Act Congress and was a leader of the Delaware Committee of Correspondence.


1774 –He was the Continental Congressman of Delaware until 1776.


1769 – He was an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Lower Counties until 1777.


1778 – He became the President of Delaware until 1781.


1781 – He resigned from his office due to health problems.


1782 – He was elected by the Delaware General Assembly to the United States Congress under the Articles of Confederation, but was unable to attend due to ill health.

1784 – He died on the 25th day of June in this year at Kent County, Delaware.











2 (40%) 4 votes