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Robinson, Matthew Thomas Jr.

Born: 1937 AD
Died: 2002 AD
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1937 – Born on January 1st in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Matt Robinson, a writer for the 1980s sitcom "The Cosby Show" and the first actor to play kindly neighbor Gordon on the children’s show "Sesame Street".

1963 – He began his show-business career as a writer, producer and performer at the Philadelphia television station WCAU.

1969 – He took the role of Gordon on the PBS children’s program "Sesame Street" and also performed the voice of purple-faced puppet Roosevelt Franklin.

1973-1974 – Robinson went on to produce and write the films "Save The Children" and "Amazing Grace".

1983 – He was one of the staff of the NBC’s The Cosby Show as a producer and staff writer.

         – He joined with fellow Philadelphia native Bill Cosby as a staff writer and producer for the comedian’s NBC family sitcom "The Cosby Show".

2002 – Died from complications of Parkinson’s disease on August 5th in Los Angeles, California.

3.3 (66%) 10 votes